NPIB Disclaimer & Download

NPIB ver 1.5 Disclaimer and Download

VT-CAVE, University Visualization & Animation Group
Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
Torgersen Hall, Rm 3050
Blacksburg, VA 24060
Copyright © 1997-2001 VT-CAVE
Page Written by: Ron Kriz

This software is delivered AS IS. While we did our best to create an
application that performed well without errors, we do no make any
quarantees about its suitability to any particular purpose. By
running this program you explicitly agree to accept the terms of this
statement. There../ are no known bugs at this time. If you find a bug
please send us a description of the bug, including as much information
as you can. While we cannot guarantee a prompt fix, we would appreciate
your feedback and try to help as we can.

Ron Kriz
Virginia Tech
Revised 05/28/01