Introduction to the Combined Research and Curriculum Development Server

Engineering Science and Mechanics
Material Science and Engineering
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Blacksburg, Virginia 24061

Objective: This section introduces the reader to the organization of information on this server
The objective of this Web server is to create an distributed interactive visual computing environment.

This server is organized into 10 major sections:

Introduction: This web page.

Welcome: Overview and motivation for the CRCD server

Help: Contact information / "how-to-use & create" NPIB & JWave tutorials

Nano / Micro / Macro: Theory developed / Assignments / Interactive Computer Programs

Codes: Legacy / sample data, PV-Wave procedures, JWave examples, and NPIB Java source.

Visualization: Visual data analysis tool summary: 1) Desktop to CAVE, 2) Interactive Web-based

Tools: Needed by user for these web pages: download / installation / tutorials.

ESM-MSE 4984: Senior level undergraduate course.

Publications: Publications about this CRCD project.

ESM-MSE 5984: First year graduate course.

Contact: Dr Ron Kriz
Created 1/30/00 | Revised 07/10/01