June 1997 - goals

    * Ported the original version of Builder to java 1.1
    * Redesigned the event handling system
    * Added the slider
    * Re-arranged the toolbar
    + Added new help pages (Chris/Dennis)

July 1997 - goals

    + Improve website and documentation
        * Document the code
        + Add the new version of the java documentation to our site
        + Work on adding more help information
        + Add installation instructions
    + Start a general description of our plans for builder
    * Find someone on campus to test builder (hopefully starting at the beginning of August).
    ~ Design the save project feature
    * Implement the save project feature
    ~ Design the load project feature
    * Implement the load project feature
    * Design the basic filter structure
    * Add a mail filter

August 1997 - goals

    * Create Dos/Win installation script
    o add unix instructions for installation (and hopefully a script)
    + add the MailTo feature to the help pages
    o Start on campus testing
    o Create a bug database
    o Fix bugs
    o Put together a new version on Builder
    o Add design documentation to web site

My priorities are:

  1. Documentation - internal
  2. Design
  3. Implementation
  4. Documentation - web


    * Denotes a task has been accomplished
    ~ Denotes a task that is paritially complete and has been put on hold
    + Denotes that work is in progress on this task
    o Denotes a task that has not been started

Last modified August 10, 1997