SUN - Visual Numerics Wave-Java Server

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This server is part of the SUN-VNI: Scientific Modeling and Visualization Classroom (SMVC). An Education Grant Proposal was accepted by SUN and Visual Numerics Inc to create a distributed visual computing environment by developing Java-Wave applets that would allow students, researchers, and educators to access and visually interpret large scientific data sets across high speed networks. This effort and other visualization and scientific computing activities would be facilitated by the SMVC.

The philosophy of creating a distributed visual computing environment is in part the philosopy of the Advanced Communication and Information Technology Center (ACITC): to empower researchers and educators not just on-campus but off-campus as well by using information technology across high speed networks. There other Java development activities on campus: 1. CHITRA, 2. Javamatic, 3. SWAN, 4. NSF-NIE

Three Projects:

Other projects are listed below in chronological order:
  • Spring of 96 Java Project, Falck, Farkas, Kriz.
  • Summer of 96 Java Project, Coupleux, Hunter, Kriz, Laughlin.
  • Fall of 96 Current Java Project, Falck, Hunter, Kriz.
    Last Revision March 12, 1997