Builder version 1.3


My goal is create a Rapid Application Development tool that creates forms using java. Through builder I hope to provide students and faculty at Virginia Tech the ability to rapidly and easily develop pages that in the past required the system administators permission to perform.

Arturo Falck's original goals.


Builder was started by Arturo Falck for the "Scientific Applications on the Internet" project. In May 1997, Distributed Information System took over the development of Builder. The current version of Builder is a working proto-type.

New Features/Changes

  • The MailTo feature has been added. This node allows you to have the information from the form mailed to a particular e-mail address. This node requires a SMTP server.
  • The toolbar layout has changed
  • You can now run builder in user mode. To do this you start builder with the name of the save file to be loaded.
  • Mail to help page has been added to the icon help section
  • A new version of the builder classes has been added in the link section along with a Win95/NT install script


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