Quick example is given below for users who prefer to discover application features on their own or take a look at several examples with more detailed instructions and figures.
  1.  o Press "Run Builder" (creates FLOW CONTROL & FORM windows)
  2.  o Press "Ti" (creates Input Text-Field modules in both windows)
  3.  o Drag the FLOW CONTROL Input Icon into position.
  4.  o Drag the <<Text Field>> Place Holder into position and select Name on the pull down menu followed by <cr> which will assign Input as the Icon and Place Holder name.
  5.  o Press "To" (creates Output Text Field modules in both windows)
  6.  o Drag the new Icon and Place Holder into an appropriate position.
  7.  o Press "W" (creates wires connecting Icons in the FLOW CONTROL window)
    1. Click on the Input Icon.
    2. Click on the Output Icon.
  8.  o Press "m" or "mode" (change mode in FORM window: )
  9.  o Type alpha-numeric text in the Input box followed by <cr>. The alpha-numeric text will "flow" into the Output box.

by: Arturo Falck