Network Programming Interface Builder (NPIB) Project:

"visual distributed computing"

Project Objective: Create a rapid application development tool that researchers could easily use to create, maintain, and archive numerous parametric studies based on their legacy computer simulation programs. Because these computer simulations are typically submitted as batch files to a variety of high performance computers located at remote sites, NPIB used a Java Web-based server to coordinate the distribution, execution, visualization, and archival storage of computer simulation results.

The original motivation for this project was outlined in a article published by Visual Numerics Inc. (VNI), "Scientific Applications on the Internet". With NPIB Project scientists and engineers who use a variety of remote site computers would benefit from visual distributed computing project objectives.

Project History:
1996: NPIB You need to get a JAVA enabled Browser. : documentation and examples.
Arturo Falck started NPIB as a ( 1996) class project in ESM4714.

1997: NPIB : documentation and examples.
Dennis Seay in the Distributed Information Systems continued the development of NPIB.

1998-2001: NPIB 1.4 / NPIB 1.5 / NPIB 1.6, NSF funding (EEC-9700815)
Randy Levensalor developed ver. 1.4, 1.5, and 1.6. Documention: ESM4714 class project ( 2000).

CRCD: Development of NPIB continued with funding from NSF's (CRCD) project, where NPIB was used for both research collaboration and curriculum development.

NPIB 1.4 is the result of major modifications where the "network-flow-programming" paradigm of a form "Builder 1.3" was replaced with: 1) a text editable file format (*.npib) that was viewed on a web browser with a Java applet, and 2) a "Receiver" daemon that coordinated the execution, visualization, and archival storage of the computer simulation results. NBIP 1.5 was enhanced with: 1) a Java-based simple to use GUI form builder, 2) a Web browser *.npib form "viewer" applet, and 3) a form Receiver daemon that uses a socket interface and continued to provided the same funtion. NPIB 1.6 was further simplified where: 1) the form builder and viewer were combined, 2) the *.npib file format was abandoned for a simpler "form" builder that used an html file format, and 3) the "Receiver" daemon was replaced with an executable cgi script located in the server cgi-bin directory. Recent versions of NPIB are also available in the "Tools" section of the the CRCD Web pages and linked here for convenience.

NPIB 1.5: Download form.jar only / -------- / "How-to" Tutorials
NPIB 1.6: User's Guide / Download / Installation / "How-to" Tutorials

2001:    Final Report to Sponsors: NSF, Visual Numerics Inc., and Sun Microsystems Inc.

Revised January 24, 2002: Randy Levensalor / Ronald D. Kriz